We Want an investigation of ACORN

  • by: USWGO.COM
  • recipient: Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Supreme Court

We the people are tired of our tax dollars being spent on an organization that has reportedly beat up, harass, break into the homes of, and attacking protesters and opponents of politicians. Also theres been footage from someone with a hidden camera that they were finding out that a ACORN employee was helping them get into illegal and underage (correct me if I'm wrong) prostitution services right in the United States and that employee even told about how to use certain tax codes and methods to get away with what they are doing. I believe that ACORN should receive no government funding at all until they are fully investigated and that they committed no crimes.

So I am calling upon the FBI, DOJ, and the Supreme Court to order a subpoena and investigation of all ACORN ficilities and if they are condoning and allowing illegal activities to take place then they shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and if they are doing everything completely legal and that it was just one, or a few bad employee/s then once that employee goes to court for trial then ACORN can be considered a legitimate organization.

We have nothing against ACORN but if they further assault protesters, and tell people how to do illegal prostitution without getting caught then they must be investigated by a certified law enforcer and not some dummy fake police officer such as the American Private Police Force.

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We want you to investigate ACORN for crimes committed by several members of their organization. We want the ones that are committing criminal acts, and terror acts against protesters to be held accountable for their actions. They are violating one federal law after another and must be investigated by the FBI/DOJ, and by the Supreme Court. They were caught by a hidden camera guy allowing and condoning prostitution and child prostitution which is illegal in the United States. Also they have beat up activists and assaulted people over their disagreements over healthcare. ACORN has probably committed even more crimes that we don't know about so thats why we the petitioners request that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, and the Supreme Court look into ACORNs activities and actions.
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