eBay and Instagram Must Crack Down on Fake Vaccine Cards to Protect Community Health!

  • by: The Care2 Team
  • recipient: Meta, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, U.S. government, state governments
Using or producing fake COVID-19 vaccine cards -- the pieces of paper certifying that an individual has protected their community by receiving immunization against the coronavirus -- are activities that aren't only extremely immoral and unethical. They're also straight-up illegal.

Yet some people in the United States are determined to endanger the people around them by falsifying their health records in order to prioritize their own selfish wants. Authorities have reported that each and every night, they discover and seize hundreds of fake vaccine cards, sometimes as many as thousands in a short time span.

Those of us who are in vaccination-only areas deserve to have our health and safety protected from other people who would rather scam the system than perform a duty that helps their community.

The federal and state governments in the U.S. must increase their efforts to crack down on fake vaccine cards! Social media sites must also crack down on unscrupulous users who attempt to buy or sell fake cards using their platforms.

At a time when the newest variant of COVID, called omicron, is running rampant across the country and the world, vaccinations and booster shots continue to be our best weapon against this deadly and increasingly infectious disease. That's why many employers, government agencies, restaurants, and businesses are requiring all staff or patrons to provide proof of full immunization against COVID-19.

Luckily, the vaccines and boosters are completely free in the United States! So, since they're free and they help both you and the people around you, there's very little reason not to get the jab, unless a person has a severe and significant medical condition that makes vaccination impossible for them. And for those individuals, making sure the people around them are vaccinated is even more important. Yet stubbornly anti-vaxx people across the U.S. would rather pay hundreds of dollars to criminals in order to obtain counterfeit vaccination cards, so that they may gain access to spaces that are supposed to be safe due to being vaccine-only.

This is fraud, and committing fraud is a crime. In this case, it's a crime that puts countless people in danger. But these crimes are still occuring on social websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and eBay, making such platforms complicit in harming health and public safety.

It's time for these corporations as well as government officials to enforce federal rules by shutting down these illegal actions that falsify vaccine cards. Both buyers and sellers must be held accountable for their fraud and callous, reckless endangerment of the people around them!
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