Pepsi! NO Mike Vick and the NY Jets! Pull sponsorship funds!

  • by: Bethany O'Dell
  • target: Pepsico Inc. Marie Gallagher Senior Vice President and Controller, PepsiCo Purchase, NY 10577

 Major sponsors!! Say No to MIKE VICK  of the NY Jets We are asking Pepsi Co. to pressure the NY Jets Team and the NFL to Remove this animal torturer, Michael Vick from the league all together.

This petition and boycott is presented to show many Americans feel that rewarding Mike Vick with a Contract as a NY Jets QB is undeniably a terrible mistake. Our youth look to NFL players as hero's. Our younger members of society need not idolize a man who tortured his own "pets". The torture included dog fighting and killing "losers" and less agressive dogs by hanging, drowning in a 5 gallon buckets, and the horrific torturing of a little female, that was wet down and electrocuted for losing a fight. Vick and his partners in crime also picked up family pets from newpaper ads and Craigslist to use as bait dogs, laughing as they struggled to stay alive. Dogs used for breeding had their teeth pulled and were tied to rape stand. Since then Vick has been implicated in other nefarious crimes including sexual battery. Those who sign this petition are making a conscious decision to stop buying your products. The beverage products we will avoid of include- all Pepsi beverages including Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, 7-UP, Gatorade, Brisk teas, Starbucks cold bottled coffee, Tropicana Juices, Lipton Tea, Naked Juices, SoBE Lifewaters and Aquafina Water. We know you have a line of food products as well and will petition to boycott those separetely if need be.

Additional contacts for pepsi include. And they are also available on FB.

Dear Ms. Gallagher,

As Senior Vice President of PepsiCo. Inc  in the Purchase, NY location we ask that you please speak to the persons involved in the sponsorship agreements with PepsiCo, Inc , the NFL and New York Jets. Please allow them to see that our petition is based on your sponsorship agreement with these entities. The Ceo's of the Jets made a poor decision by contracting with Michael Vick,  a person who was convicted of torturing his own animals. This is not about forgiveness or of Vick "serving his time". This is about what message this sends to our youth in this Country and the NFL fans all over the Globe. I felt that sending this info to a VP in New York State would help facilitate our cause. WE will stop purchasing your products listed above for this NFL season if we feel the sponsors do not care.




Bethany ODell

Update #23 years ago
Well I was away for a week at my Moms and signatures flatlined. I really want to reach 3000. I sent too many friend requests on fb and I cant friend any new people for a week. So, I will deal with slow and steady winning the race. Please help me by Crosspoting this and sharing it with your friends.
Update #13 years ago
We have passed the 1000 Mark. Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition. I am putting out to all animal organizations and I am working tirelessly on this. I would appreciate that you continue NOT buying pepsi products, passing this petition on to others and sending messages to Pepsi co, and the New York jets via email or facebook. The New York Jet is a highly rated team. Many children will idolize the quarterback. They must learn there is a consequence for abusing animals!
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