Save Courtney's Sandcastle--A Park for children of special needs

The TCA (The Toll Roads) wants to put a toll road extremely close to a special needs park in San Clemente.The proposed toll road option 14 will be dangerously close to Courtney's Sand Castle Park in San Clemente. This playground serves children of all abilities, and is especially designed for children with physical, mental and sensory disabilities like autism.

Many of the features of the park are geared towards kids that have sensory processing issues, such as, sounds, smells, and movement. These difficulties can make ordinary situations feel overwhelming, so freeway noise, cars honking, zooming past and the smell of diesel would be all too much for their sensitive bodies.

The park also holds swim lessons for kids with special needs who will be potentially swimming in toxic dust runoff from this toll road. Most children with autism have an excessive accumulation of toxins from various factors and this toxic overload for a developing child whose immune, nervous, neurological and sensory systems are too immature to handle this overload may cause a child to regress.

Some of these children have a genetic mutation MTHFR, which effects the body's natural ability to excrete harmful toxins. Fine particulate matter and ultrafine particles that are concentrated next to freeways is among the leading causes of death and severe disability. Pockets of this kind of invisible, odorless air pollution may be especially dangerous, and inhaling these particles can also lead to behavior and memory impaired neurodevelopment, so this deeply affects our kids with autism and those who have immuno-compromised systems.

IT IS UNACCEPTABLE TO PUT A 4 LANE TOLL ROAD HERE! This park is so important for those in the special needs community. This is a place where children go to feel included. If the toll road is built here, it will become a place that could be dangerous for their health and make their quality of life worse!

The safety, health and well-being of our children is my first concern and it should be yours as well. Don't let the TCA ruin our park. Don't let the TCA ruin the place where so many parents bring their children to feel included. Please sign and share this petition with friends and family. We are the voice and biggest advocates for our kids, we stand up for them and their future.

Please visit this website for more information and to get involved.

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