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This petition supports full prosecution for Sgt. Charles L. Jones, 
a 12 year veteran of the Raliegh, North Carolina Highway Patrol
who was caught recently on video "hanging and beating" his K9
police dog named Ricoh. It has been reported that Sgt. Jones was IN CHARGE of the K9 Training Unit! The "defense" calls the beating this dog took a  "training session, " but we are wondering just what is he trying to teach the dog utilizing these brutal methods? Notice in this vid, he has "hung" the dog by his neck where his feet are barely touching the ground, and when he is through kicking the dog repeatedly, he walks away and leaves the dog hanging there for GOD only knows how long!  See the video here:


Local Raleigh News:

Troopers Defend Police Dog Abuse & Other Trainers Dispute

NC HP K9 Program to Get Review;
http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/1793664/Jones Admin.

Jones Appeal for Wrongful Termination:

Amazingly, fellow officers are coming to his defense alleging that the "training methods" employed as seen in the video are "acceptable" methods for police dog training.  However, distribution of this vid has drawn outrage from all across America, including that of other police dog trainers and handlers who believe that "training methods" such as this are by NO MEANS acceptable. We DO NOT believe there is ANY justification for this type of treatment of any animal, let alone a police dog who is supposed to be the officers "best friend and companion." It is a FELONY in NC to abuse a law enforcement animal and we are pushing for FELONY  prosecution. We feel it is particularly important to fully prosecute this case to set an example and to show those other officers and K9 handlers who think it is Ok to treat their dogs like this that it IS NOT OK to do so.  The K9 police and trainers of the world are watching this case as will set a precident so we are hoping the courts, the DA, the Administrative Law Judge and the NC Highway Patrol do the right thing and make an example of Sgt. Charles L. Jones' mistreatment of his animal. If not, it will be like giving a "green light" to all K9 police officers & trainers to abuse their dogs. We believe there is NEVER a good reason to condone animal abuse, cruelty or neglect, even and ESPECIALLY for our law enforcement officials who most look to as shinning examples of good and / or moral & acceptable behavior. All of these officals listed below are familiar with this case and are actively involved in it. Here are the numbers to call:

1. NC Gov. Mike Easley: This is the one that ordered Sgt. Jones FIRED so be sure and thank his office when you call or email him at: Governor.Office@NCMail.Net or call (919) 733-5811 or (919) 733-4240

2. Administrative Law Judge FRED MORRISON,
NC State Office of Administrative Hearings; Fred.Morrison@NCMail.Net or (919) 733-2691 or (919) 733-2698

3. NC / Wake County District Attorney L Smith, email: LSmith@Co.Wake.NC.US or call (919) 755-4117

4. NC Bureau of Investigations, Special Agent MARSHALL TUCKER, at (919) 571-4850

5. NC Highway Patrol, Troop C Div. III / Lt. Col CECIL LOCKLEY, this Sgt. Jones boss who "regrets' firing Sgt. Jones and has stated his belief that the "training methods" employed as shown in the video are "acceptable!" Contact him with you thoughts at (919) 733-7952 and/or write to the NCHP division public information department at NCSHP.Org



We MUST NOT let this case "go quiety away" as is an important matter to ALL K9 dogs everywhere. Here is a link to another petition for another case of K9 Police Dog Abused by his handler in GA, so you can see it is NOT just a regional problem:

Please help by signing these peitions too!

GEORGIA; Hannahs Case:


MIAMI: TWO CASES; Duke & Dynasty


And a Poem, as reminder:

A Police Dogs Prayer

Oh almighty God,
whose great power and eternal
wisdom embraces the universe,
watch over my handler while I sleep.
Protect my handler from harm
while I am unable to do so.
I pray, help keep our streets and homes
safe while my handler and I rest.
I ask for your loving care because
my handler's duty is dangerous.
Grant my handler your unending strength
and courage in our daily assignments.
Dear God,
protect my brave handler,
grant your almighty protection,
unite my handler safely with the family
after the tour of duty has ended.
I ask nothing for myself.

-Author Unknown
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