CONGRESS: Stand Up to Corporate Power! Vote 'No' on the TPP!

It's one of today's biggest threats to fracking bans, GMO labels, internet freedom, human rights, access to affordable medicine, and democracy as we know it. It will allow corporations to sue governments over "loss of expected future profits." It will make the global race to the bottom even worse for workers worldwide. It is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and it's coming to Congress this fall.

For years, multinational corporations like Walmart, Monsanto, and Citibank have been fighting for the TPP. And for years, environmental, labor, faith, food safety, human rights, and internet freedom groups have been fighting to stop it. Now we are in the last couple of months of that fight, and we need you!

Even though the TPP will impact our everyday lives, most people have never heard of it. That's because the TPP has been so secretive that even when members of Congress were finally able to see the text, they were forbidden to tell anyone what they read. The only way that we've been able to know what is in the text is through leaked documents, and what they show is scary. The TPP may include language to protect endangered species, the environment, and human rights, but it does not include anything about enforcing these provisions. Meanwhile, the TPP chapters that protect corporate profits will be strongly enforced.

The TPP would attack everything you care about and have fought to protect. So join the movement to make sure that trade deals work for the people, not the corporations. Sign this petition to tell Congress to vote 'no' on the TPP!

Members of Congress,

The Trans-Pacific Partnership "free trade" agreement has been negotiated in secret for over five years with very little Congressional influence, but a lot of corporate influence. As a result, we now have a trade deal that would allow corporations to sue the U.S. government over policies that they feel would result in "loss of expected future profits." We have a deal that has sold out environmental protections, food safety, and human rights so that multinational corporations can make more money. We have a deal that will turn democracy as we know it up-side-down.

It is too late to change the TPP for the better. The only right thing to do right now is vote 'no' on the TPP! 

Update #6about a year ago
Did you hear what Bernie Sander's said during his speech last night at the DNC? In case you missed it: "We've got to make sure the TPP doesn't get to the floor of the Congress during the lame duck session."

The best way to do that is to raise awareness of the TPP and tell your representatives to vote 'no' on bad trade deals.
Update #51 years ago
President Obama is going to sign the TPP in New Zealand on February 4th, but this doesn't mean the fight is over. The deal still has to get approved by Congress, and that's going to be difficult thanks to the groundswell of people like you saying 'no' to the TPP. So keep the opposition going! Tell your friends to sign this petition:
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