No to Monsanto's Dangerous, Untested GMO Grass in our Lawns!

  • by: Nithin Coca
  • target: United States Department of Agriculture

BREAKING: Monsanto, once again, has the regulators in line to let them continue to destroy the world’s food system in their drive for control and profit. This time, they’re coming for our front yards.

Monsanto...has begun testing the first genetically engineered grass, engineered to withstand massive amounts of Roundup herbicide, is unregulated, will not be labeled “GMO” and because of the ease with which grass spreads, could in short order contaminate lawns, parks, golf courses and pastures everywhere.

“As these seeds spread and more and more grass takes up that genetic trait, we’ll find organic farmers who want to grass feed their beef, can’t do it because their grass is genetically modified, which is prohibited in organic standards,” said Bill Duesing of the  Northeast Organic Farming Association, in an article in CT News Junkie. “GMOs are pollution with a life of its own.”

This is as scary as can be. GMO grass and roundup chemicals where children play? Grass, which spreads easily, contaminating diverse ecosystems and feed? And the Department of Agriculture is not even bothering to test this potential catastrophe?

We cannot let Monsanto have its way. There are millions of lawns in America at risk of being contaminated. This is a final step on the road of complete control of nature for Monsanto. GMO grass will be, literally, unstoppable.  

This is incredibly urgent - sign our petition now and call on the DOA to regulate, test, and stop GMO Grass from coming to our neighborhoods. They are hoping we won’t notice and they can quietly make this a reality. Let’s build a movement so that they can’t let Monsanto have its way again.

Dear US DOA,

I reccently read on Care2 that Monsanto's is preparing to release a genetically modified grass product for use EVERYWHERE and that your department is not testing this.

GMO's are dangerous, and grass, which spreads easily and widely, is not the place for GMOs. Please test, regulate, and stop Monsanto from releasing this deadly, dangerous product before it is too late.


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