Stop Hulu from forcing advertisements on paying subscribers

  • by: Steve Munsell
  • target: Jean-Paul Colaco, Jason Kilar, Andy Forssell, Chadwick Ho

We the subscribers of Hulu+ demand the removal of advertisements from the Hulu+ service. As shown by other companies like Netflix a paying user base does not need nor require advertisements to sustain the business providing the content.

We the paying subscribers of Hulu+ have paid for content and expect a better quality service as such. We also want to note that because we pay for the shows we are not in turn downloading those shows from torrent or other P2P services which do not contain such advertisements. This is important to note because we have for years heard the cries of the entertainment industry about how pirating is causing the downfall of the industry. In this case all we are asking for is to meet your paying clients half way and let those who pay enjoy the convenience of not being forced to watch advertisements.

In closing we would like to take the first step and provide some additional ideas in which we may all benefit. Each bullet goes from the most desirable outcome to the least.

      • Stop advertising to paying customers

      • Ask the user before each viewing if they would like ads turned on or off

      • Create a non-advertisement tier service that does not exceed the cost of Netflix

      • Make each viewing display one advertisement (not to exceed 30 seconds) at the start of the program then display the rest uninterrupted.

      • Run advertisements that can be skipped

      • Cut down on the frequency and length of each advertisement dramatically.

 Please consider our petition with the utmost urgency as we do have choices in our content providers and we believe that our voices should be heard by the people we choose to pay.



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