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May we request global peace lover to protect the global peace

Great minds have purposes; others have wishes. :  Washington Irving

Every one has a purpose of global peace and security; you may sign petitions without displaying your name. Let us join together to crack actual terrorist networks to end terrorism. 

Our TPI team has offered over 0.5 million free predicted solutions with no claim attached).5 million 1 might be a wrong solution. We have many scientific  forecasting technologies , error correction techniques and cryptanalysis to find a better or corrected solution. It is like Delphy technique , 30 memebers board of directors not knowiing each other and may be any type of creatures. 

Please just try to understand the message and most of us already agree on it

Abusers , mental destroyers and terrorists have crossed all the limits. Doomsday might have started, Peace pink or care2 or any body who is trying to stop it must be respected.

Terrorists and killers launched over 30 killing attack on me just passing on the message. It is just blowing up cancer detection machine with bombardment of 30 gun shells because it had detected the cancer. What out put you expect if the patient has a cancer.

Eva : with film of past , present and future from Control Desk of PTI INC. tries to convey approval of board of directors asking Julia to comment on

%u201CRevelation 7:1 After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth, that no wind might blow on earth or------------------------%u201C

Julia : We would not comment though it may be revelation about destruction due to great flood of Noah passed  much earlier in 2535 BC roughly. Please calculate yourself , apply corrections , this is very crude may be wrong. We had very bad taste from Victor abusing God , we had very bad taste from Great Bear off course adding delta at later part kicking around dooms day. Priests, Pastors Rabbis and Big Beards and others may be highest authority or license holder killers but we are not.

Let us assume that global survival waiting dooms day is 61 scales and now globe is running at 73 scales. You can watch yourself. The government by criminals, corrupt outlaws and terrorists for land mafia, killers, outlaws and terrorists purchased on black money is termed as actual Democracy, God dismissed, all laws abolished, corruption of $ 1.36 trillions. We request to join the petition and we get message from Tim Harris %u201CStop it%u201D. Go to hell, we have informed with no claim, you may calculate yourself, has doomsday started?       

Recently I commented on life after death at Linkedin sponsored by Ambassador G Wallace Hope and I gave the reference of Bible and Quran and confirmed by one more comment. The 1000 years on earthly clocks equals a day and night at skies so average life of human assumed as 80 years equals just 2 hours at heaven. There was discussion on dooms days half a century on earth equals just 50 days at skies. Dooms day might have started just waiting a button %u201Cfire" to be pressed taking back the earth in 11000 BC when Ice age ended. The creatures had been destroyed many times from the creation of the universe. Our condition almost match 800 years rule by Jennies who killed 800 prophets in 800 years and devil came twice to finish them all.

Don%u2019t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. : Robert Louis Stevenson

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