Melati the Tigress Was Murdered Due to This Zoo's Breeding Program

The London Zoo was trying to play matchmaker but intead they got a 10-year-old tigress named Melati brutally murdered by her potential mate.

The zoo really wanted Melati to breed with Asim, a 7-year-old male tiger. Instead, once they were in the same enclosure, Asim mauled and murdered Melati, proving once again that breeding programs like this are unnatural and dangerous.

Will you sign the petition asking the London Zoo to end their breeding program?

This all just goes to show that even though the people involved had extensive experience with tigers, forcible breeding is unpredictable and can end in death. Tigers are critically endangered and so while a breeding program may seem like a good idea, it's just too risky! We can't lose any more tigers. 

Not to mention that existing tigers shouldn't have to live caged for human entertainment. That is exactly what would have happened if the tigers bred without killing each other; their baby would have been bound to a sad life of captivity too. 

The animals had been getting to know each other in different enclosures for only 10 days when the zookeepers decided to introduce them in the same enclosure. First, everything seemed OK, but then Asim attacked Melati. She fought back, but ultimately he overpowered her and mauled her to death and then retreated to his enclosure. Obviously this was not a good match, not to mention the fact that the tigers were already stressed from being in captivity.

Whatever happened, it's a tragedy and it's the fault of the humans who decided it was worth the risk to unite them. Zoos love baby animals because they are big crowd pleasers and therefore bring in more press and financial support. But that's not a good reason to breed animals that are so volatile and unpredictable. 

In honor of Melati, please ask the London Zoo to end their breeding program for good.
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