Coca-Cola: Stop Secret Funding of Pro-GMO Iniatives

We knew Monsanto was a huge supporter of pro-GMO initiatives, but, when Washington state sued to see the entire list of funders, there was some huge surprises, with one company far above the others.

“Coca-Cola was discovered to have made more than $1 million in secret contributions to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). This money went directly to the GMA’s fight against labeling of GMOs in Washington State.”

Coca-Cola has been rebranding itself into “healthy” drinks company, with products such as Honest Tea, Oldwala, to counter the slowing sales of sugar and GMO-laden soft drinks. Yet, as this news shows, their priorities are clearly in the same boat as Monsanto and not for health nor consumer choice. Because of them, consumers still don’t know which products contain environmentally harmful GMO ingredients.

The massive campaigns of misinformation - millions and millions in false advertising, fear tactics, that overwhelmed voters in California and Washington, came directly from the coffers of Coca-Cola, one of the biggest funders of the pro-GMO, anti-consumer choice lobby. As consumers let’s make our voices heard.

Many companies, including Dole Food Company, and Mars, Inc., have responded to consumer pressure and stopped giving money to fight GMO labeling. Let’s make our voices heard. Call on Coca-Cola to stop secretly funding anti-GMO initiatives, and, if they don’t respond, to boycott their products.

Dear Mr. Kent,

Coca-Cola claims to be for consumer choice - part of the reason you have been offering a wider selection of beverages that have healthy choices. 

Then, how can you, at the same time, fund anti-consumer choice iniatives that restrict our right to to know what is in our food, including GMO ingredients?

Please cease funding pro-GMO iniatives such as the Grocery Manufacturers Assocation - or I will use my power as a consumer to stop consuming Coca-Cola products.


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