Dunkin' Donuts: Stop throwing leftovers in the trash

I couldn't believe it when I found out how wasteful my local Dunkin' Donuts is: every day when new baked goods arrive, my local store gathers up their leftover donuts and muffins and throws them into the dumpster. They don't allow employees to take any home, and even though there's a food bank one block away, they won't donate these perfectly good leftovers to the needy.

Each Dunkin' Donuts store is allowed to dispose of leftovers however they wish, and since throwing out leftovers is the easiest thing to do, hundreds of Dunkin' Donuts around the world are wasting leftovers while people in their communities go hungry. I think it's wrong to deprive people in need of food that Dunkin' Donuts no longer wants to sell. Instead, Dunkin' Donuts should direct their branches to donate to local food banks and other outlets that help feed the hungry.

Baked goods may not be the healthiest food to be giving the poor and homeless, but the rest of us pay good money for them, so why shouldn't those without resources have what's not sold? It's food!

Sign my petition to ask Dunkin' Donuts to rewrite their policy so local branches will be required to donate leftovers, and to ask my local Dunkin' Donuts to start right away.

Dear Dunkin' Donuts,

I think it's irresponsible that hundreds of Dunkin' Donuts stores around the world are wasting leftovers by throwing them away when they should be donating the goods that will no longer be sold to less fortunate people in their communities.

Please direct your branches to donate to local food banks and other outlets that help feed the hungry.

Update #38 years ago
Petition delivered several days ago with 16,000+ signatures and 96 pages of comments, many already boycotting. Delivery trucks stopping back at stores for empty tray racks each morning should take the day-old donuts back to Hartford's food banks and soup kitchens. Great tax write off, maybe better than Dunkin' gets by dumpstering. The good will would be worth its weight in a Boston creme donut. Or gold.
Update #28 years ago
I know that the goodies go into the dumpster at my local Dunkin' in Canaan, Connecticut, USA. Employees are not allowed to take any of them home. A church food bank is a block away. Ironically, at one time, they were given instead to a pig farmer to use as pig feed.
Update #18 years ago
Have just now finally received a response from the corporation, which says it does not have a policy on dealing with leftovers and leaves that to the individual store. I think they should have a policy.
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