Ban any user making off-topic and otherwise unnecessarily anger inciting comments.

According to the Washington Post's Discussion guidelines:

"You agree to not submit any inappropriate content. Inappropriate content includes any content that:

- is predatory, hateful, or intended to intimidate or harass."

The Issue:

This petition is intended to remove the Washington Post forum user "Poopy__McPoop" and any of his future or past account derivatives.  He routinely posts in articles relating to the Washington Nationals with comments that are unrelated to the article and serve only to incite anger amongst fans of the team.  Under the posting guidelines above, this is harrassment.  He has been a frequent poster for years, and is commonly the first to comment on articles.

Why this is a problem:

The Washington Nationals have struggled to acquire a fan base in the Washington area since their relocation from Montreal in 2005.  The Washington Post is the largest newspaper serving the area and its website and associated content is highly influential.  By allowing this user to constantly disparage a team in flagrant disregard to their own posting guidelines, three things happen:  1) It is perceived that the Washington Post does not care to enforce their own posting guidelines and/or does not support the local baseball team, 2) It discourages people from commenting on articles relating to the Washington Nationals in fear that the above mentioned user will mock them, and 3) The team's reputation is tarnished in the eyes of many website users as they see that articles regarding the team draws a highly disproportionate number of commenters making disparaging comments about the team.

Examples of violations of Discussion Policy:

"O's are better than DC's baseball team. 
That is all." 5/23/12


We request that "Poopy__McPoop" is permanently removed from the discussion community unless all of his posts from this time forth are directly related to the article being discussed and have no mention of any other baseball team, unless warranted.  The Posts reluctance or inability to deal with a user that constantly steers the direction of the discussion on the message boards and acts as little other than a distraction (his name is mentioned in anticipation before he even posts in some articles) displays a lack of caring or accountability for their own rules.

- Washington Post website users and Washington Nationals fans

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