Trader Joe's, Ditch the Plastic Packaging!

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  • recipient: Trader Joe's CEO Dan Bane
It's time for Trader Joe's to ditch the plastic. The U.S. grocery store chain is known for its affordable organic and specialty food offerings - and is also infamous for its insistence on putting plastic on everything. All manner of items, from fruits and vegetables, to soaps, to endless varieties of prepackaged meals are smothered in the petroleum-based material. Some produce, such as cucumbers and bell peppers, is even individually wrapped in plastic!

Back in 2019, Trader Joe's announced it would supposedly roll back on its plastic use, but shoppers throughout the country haven't noticed any difference. Produce aisles still feature rows and rows and rows of plastic bags and wrapped items. Other grocery stores don't do this. So there's clearly no reason for this chain to intentionally make such wasteful, environmentally harmful choices.

When is Trader Joe's finally going to make a change? Sign the petition to demand that Trader Joe's grocery stores finally eliminate excess plastic packaging - for good!

Plastic packaging is horrible for the environment and for human health. Studies in the past five years have found tiny microscopic plastic particles in our food, water - and bodies. Researchers estimate that the vast majority of Americans have microplastics lodged inside our blood, organs, and other parts of our bodies. Clearly, plastic truly is leaching into our meals. We have to stop this cycle before it continues to escalate.

Most plastic is never successfully recycled. In fact, studies estimate that fewer than 10% of plastic ever completely makes its way through the recycling process. These plastics will never go away. They never biodegrade. They just keep breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces.

That's true for when they wind up inside our stomachs, and it's also true for when plastics wind up in landfills... and eventually, in our oceans and other waterways. Plastic waste is responsible for countless wildlife deaths, from turtles caught in single-use bags, to whales found starved to death due to their bellies being clogged full of plastic trash. Within the next 30 years, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish. Does Trader Joe's want to be responsible for contributing to such a calamity?

Plastic is also, simply speaking, unnecessary. We don't need it covering each individual cucumber we buy, and we don't need it clamped around every single solitary piece of soap. Trader Joe's likes to bill itself as the affordable alternative to stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts. But the Earth can't afford this amount of plastic trash. The high cost our planet and our bodies will bear is too high.

Trader Joe's must IMMEDIATELY introduce changes to its packaging process, replacing plastic with sustainable alternatives. Waiting even one more year is too long. It promised back in 2019 that it would make big changes, and that's great. But we need more changes... and we need them now. Sign the petition if you agree!
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