McDonald's Australia: Drop Pace, Support Cruelty-Free Egg Suppliers!

  • by: john pierce
  • target: Catriona Noble, McDonald's Australia CEO

McDonald's Australia currently is in business with Pace, a farm that keeps chickens in horrific, cruel conditions. Birds are kept in overcrowded cages or abandoned and forced to forge for scraps on top of huge piles of waste.

Please sign the petition asking McDonald's Australia to drop Pace, a farm using battery cages, and instead contract with a humane, cage-free farm!

McDonald's spends millions of dollars every year buying cage eggs. They spend even more on marketing to children. But they never expected kids to start speaking back -- see the video above, from Animals Australia.

Here are a few things you might not know about McDonald's: They buy more eggs than any fast food chain in the country. Every one of these eggs was laid by a hen confined to a life of misery in a battery cage. Some McDonald's recognise how cruel this is, which is why in the UK and Europe, McDonald's stopped buying cage eggs years ago.

So what's going on in Australia? Please sign the petition asking McDonald's Australia to drop the farm using battery cages and instead contract with a humane, cage-free farm!

At first McDonald's didn't think that Australians cared enough to warrant change... But then word got out, and this issue erupted on social media as thousands of people set out to prove them wrong. McDonald's Australia's Facebook page was flooded with protest after the above video was released. Cage eggs have dominated every discussion McDonald's has tried to have with their million+ Facebook fans for 80 consecutive days. The furor has even captured the attention of national media!

Help create public awareness by signing the petition calling on McDonald's to stop supporting battery cage cruelty!

Dear Catriona Noble, McDonald's Australia CEO:

We the undersigned are pleading with you to please end your contract with Pace farm and instead contract with a cruelty-free provider, or, to urge Pace Farm to address its horrific battery cage conditions and switch to cage-free.

The New York Times reports that McDonald's is moving towards 100 percent cage-free eggs in Europe. Battery cages, which provide about 72 square inches of space per hen, will be banned in the European Union starting in 2012.

McDonald’s Australia spokeswoman Laura Keith said the company is actively exploring a move to cage-free eggs, but lacks farm infrastructure to provide the eggs on a large scale. We think with more pressure from McDonald's, farms will make the switch. At Pace Farms, chickens are kept in horrific cramped conditions and are left to dig for scraps on large piles of chicken droppings.

Please note the number of petition supporters who hope to see the company switch to cage-free eggs. We hope that you will end your contract with Pace Farms OR urge them to go cage-free as you explore your switch to cage-free eggs.

Thank You for the opportunity.

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