Ask CARTIER to Save Panthers NOW!

  • by: Laurence Cousin
  • recipient: Stanislas de Quercize CEO of Cartier International

It is TIME for CARTIER to give BIG to PANTHERS!


For 100 years CARTIER has been using the panther's beauty, elegance and charismatic power while becoming a legendary jeweler.

In 2012 Cartier's profits increased more than 30%, and the brand and their parent company made over €2 billion in profit.

Today, the panther family is made up of the most threatened large cat species in the world. Despite this, panthers are often seen as a low conservation priority. Fewer than 70 individuals of the Amur leopard or "panthère de l'Amour" remain in the world.

Panthers and Leopard are now extinct in 6 of their former countries. There were approximately 1 million animals in the world's population at the beginning of the 20th century, but the current estimate is under 150,000.

Please sign my petition, and help ask Cartier to be a hero for endangered and threatened panthers around the globe by pledging at least 1% of their sales to panther habitat conservation! Panthers will not survive without our help!

While there is no single "Panther" species, four members of the Panthera family of big cats need conservation help immediately:

African leopard Panthera Pardus in the wild: total estimated 50,000 individuals (WWF) 
Amur leopard Panthera Pardus Orientalis in the wild: total estimated 70 individuals (WWF) 
Snow leopard Panthera Uncia in the wild : total estimated 4,080-6,590 individuals (WWF)
Jaguar Panthera Onca in the wild: total estimated 10,000-15,000 individuals (WWF)

These species need Cartier's support and assistance, and have also clearly been a critical inspiration to the brand. Sign the petition, and help urge Cartier to be heroes for big cats!

Dear Mr. de Quercize For over 100 years Cartier has adorned the wealthy and powerful with its impeccable watches and jewelry. Much of the jewelry has been in homage to Cartier's iconic panther. Unfortunately, over the past 100 years, wild panthers have not been as fortunate as your brand and company. Panthers are now extinct in 6 countries they once called home, and the Amur leopard (or, panther de l'Amour) is one of the most endangered mammals on earth with an estimated 70 individuals remaining in the wild. Please take action today to protect the inspiration of your iconic jewelry by supporting panther conservation, and make a commitment of at least 1% of your global sales to defending and restoring these vanishing animals. The panthers are in desperate need of heroic conservation efforts, and the world would long remember the entity which answers the call.

Update #48 years ago
Cartier's leadership for panthers is needed more than ever. Panther species are threatened by habitat loss, trophy hunting, poaching and climate change. Help us get 200k signatures asking Cartier to commit 1% of their profits to protecting their panther icon - click to share the petition on Facebook and twitter today!
Update #38 years ago
Cartier is still exploiting panther imagery without a significant commitment to the species' survival. Share the petition and help us get to 200K signatures by Thanksgiving -We'll make sure Cartier says "Thanks" for panthers!
Update #28 years ago
We're getting very close to 150,000 signatures - Can you take a moment to ROAR for panthers and help us hit 150K signatures by July? Click here to share on Facebook. These amazing animals are under constant threat - Zambia just decided to allow leopard hunting in their parks! Urge Cartier to help their icon today!
Update #19 years ago
Cartier needs to go BIG for their icon. We salute Cartier's support for South African leopard conservation, but it's time for real leadership. Big cat conservation is in need of a true HERO for the long haul. Time to ROOAR!! Tweet @Cartier and share the petition today!
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