• by: Carol Wilson
  • recipient: Helle Thorning-Schmidt Prime Minister Denmark, Lesley Dickie EAZA, European Parliment.

SIX MONTHS .......... I am trying to identify/contact my MEP unfortunately politicians deem matters such as this as minor...... I will not go away this matter will not go away until action is taken.

Despite numerous offers from zoos around the world Copenhagan zoo slaughtered Marius the Giraffe, this was a needless cruel and barbaric act. They have since needlessly slaughtered a family of lions.

They breed the animals to draw in visitors to see the 'babies' then when past their useful stage they slaughter them

This place should not be allowed to operate they use their animals as a comodity with little regard for their health or wellbeing.

If they can display such cruelty in the face of the public, one must ask what does Copenhagen zoo do to the animals behind closed doors?

The more successful this petition the more it will send out a warning to all zoos and to the EAZA that decent people will no longer tolerate animal abuse. If everyone who signs the petition gets just 2 more people to sign it then it will have a greater impact.

The Aims of the petition are:

  • To have Copenhagen Zoo placed under new administration and Bengt Holst removed from post with immediate effect. 
  • To have Copenhagen Zoo placed on a phased closure to allow the animals to be relocated safely. 
  • To have Copenhagen Zoo's breeding program brought to an end immediately.
  • That Copenhagen Zoo not be permitted to acquire any new animals with immediate effect. 
  • That EAZA must review their 'standards' and policies to include: 
  • No healthy animal should be slaughtered 
  • No zoo should breed 'surplus animals' 
  • No zoo should keep any animal in captivity unnecessarily.

You can also contact the zoo with your views

You can also protest against Denmarks animal welfare laws by signing this petition:

Thank you to everyone who has signed. Even the signature of  those mindless people who have been abusive count towards our cause :-)


Statement from the Born Free Foundation

Channel 4 News

National Geographic Article

Many Thanks to Dr. David Hereaux, MN who included this link:
Animals are concious and should be treated as such

We the petitioners demand the following actions are taken:

Copenhagen Zoo is placed under new administration and Bengt Holst is removed from post with immediate effect.

Copenhagen Zoo should be placed on a phased closure to allow the animals to be relocated safely.

Copenhagen Zoo's breeding program should be brought to an end immediately.

Copenhagen Zoo must not be permitted to acquire any new animals.

EAZA must review their 'standards' and policies to include: 

No healthy animal should be slaughtered 

No zoo should breed 'surplus animals'

No zoo should keep any animal in captivity unnecessarily.

Update #39 years ago

I am writing to you purely in your capacity as MEP for the North West but feel I must point out that I do not believe in or support the ethos of UKIP. .
Please refer to the email below. It is my correspondence with Arlene McCarthy your predecessor, regarding the abhorrent practice in European Zoos of unnecessarily breeding then slaughtering healthy animals.
I ask that this matter is not discarded but is taken forward and discussed at the EP’s Intergroup for Animal Welfare.


Update #210 years ago
Copenhagen Zoo have announced the arrival of another baby Giraffe!!! This poor mite survived for only 4 days before it died! This zoo MUST be stopped

Please If you are in Europe write to your MEP
Please if you can get more people to sign this petition.
Update #110 years ago
Well the pressure is mounting. Hotel Hellerup Park in Denmark is now boycotting Copenhagen Zoo.
People keep asking what good will our petition do? In isolation raise awareness but with other petitions and sanctions it will financially affect the zoo and hopefully force them to close.
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