Demand That UltraD INC. Stops Practicing Monopolistic Competition

UltraD INC. is a company that distributes a variety of apparel such as novelty t-shirts and other products geared towards people with a sense of humor as well as the alternative crowd at a wholesale level. They are mostly known for their distribution of Ghast pants which are targeted towards ravers, fitness teams and hip hop dancers. Three years ago, they signed a contract with stating that they could not distribute Ghast pants to any other American vendors... turning their business into a monopoly. On May 8th, 2009 they sent this letter to all the businesses they used to supply Ghast products for:

"As of next week i will not be able to sell the ghast pants to anyone within the US. Can i offer you one last order? The contract is for one year as of now. I do not want to blow the relationship with you. Hopefully we can pick up with this up where we leave off in one year. Ive been working hard to see if we can do the USC's with a ghast logo that will be different from bwilds. Let me know if this is something you would be interested. Not sure if i can do this but i may be able to put it in the contract. Im very sorry to let you know this so late. Please let me know your comments."

It has been two years after their contract with BeWild has expired, and they have received emails from various business owners asking to put in wholesale orders for both usc and Ghast products. Not a single person that has requested an order after the contract ended has gotten a response for them. This kind of practice is socialist, monopolistic, unfair, unconstitutional and does not support a healthy competative economy.
 In fact, it is extremely harmful to the market. Companies who play along with these business practices are part of the enabling of a Walmartized economy which effects small businesses, the job market, inflation and more. Please don't let them get away with their foul business tactics, sign this petition and tell UltraD INC. to start opening up their doors to wholesale orders from American businesses again!

To whom it may concern:

I am a firm believer of a healthy competative market, I am a consumer that believes in having a choice when it comes to spending my hard earned money. What you are doing by denying American business owners access to wholesale orders of your usc and Ghast clothing line is wrong in so many ways, by choosing to have a contract with only one vendor you are supporting a monopolistic competition. This hurts the economy in more ways than one, and it is a poor way to run a business. You are abusing your power as a wholesale distributor, it is companies like you that are Walmartizing this already fragile economy. It affects the well being of small businesses, the job market and inflation. Please consider opening up your doors to wholesale orders from American business owners again.

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