Care2 Is Committed to Defending Democracy

We passionately believe that for equitable change to take place, we need to be operating within a democracy — and the bedrock of a democracy is a free and fair election where every vote is counted and the results are honored.

Please join us in defending democracy!

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Right up until Inauguration Day, we must continue to demand every person in a position of power in this election carries out their democratic duties of counting every vote and respecting the results of that count. No matter how many distracting lawsuits, recounts, or cries of unsubstantiated voting irregularities are thrown at us, we must remember that voters choose leaders, not the other way around. Politicians can throw as many tantrums as they like, but they will have no bearing on the legitimate results of this election.

In defense of democracy,

The Care2 Team

If you are looking for local actions or events, visit the useful map over at Protect The Results – a bipartisan coalition of groups – including Care2 – as well as voters ready to protect the true results of this election and demand a peaceful transfer of power. While votes continue to be counted, the coalition has decided not to activate their mobilization network on a national level — but some organizers are still holding events.

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