Fire Lee Livengood, Liberty High School Asst Principal

  • af: Kelli Busey
  • mottagare: Harrison County School District superintendent Mark A. Manchin

Liberty High School Asst Principal Lee Livengood was suspended with pay for four days for following a 15-year-old transgender student into the bathroom and loudly demanding that he use a urinal if he was 'a real boy'. He then blocked the door encouraging others to commit violence against the child.
Fire Lee Livengood.

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Opdater #21 måneder siden
The Harrison County Board of Education voted Tuesday not to renew the contract of Assistant Principal Lee Livengood. Everyone who signed this petition helped create an indelible digital record of this event and without a doubt contributed to Livengood's demise. Thank You.
Kelli Busey
Editor Planet Trans
FIRED: Lee Livengood, Principal who demanded a trans student use a urinal
Opdater #14 måneder siden
Jan. 8th 2019: The members of the Harrison County Board of Education voted to approve Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin's recommendation that Liberty High School Assistant Principal Lee Livengood, remains on unpaid suspension for the rest of January, but be allowed to return to work at the beginning of next month if he satisfies a set of undisclosed requirements.
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