Do Not Overturn Brock Turner's Rape Conviction

  • af: Kelsey B.
  • mål: California 6th District Court of Appeal
Brock Turner became famous last year when he raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and then was given EXTREME leniency because he was a white, male athlete at Stanford. 

He ended up spending just a brief three months in jail and now he is trying to get his conviction overturned completely. This is outrageous and we cannot let it happen. Please sign the petition if you want to be sure Brock Turner stays on the sex offender registry. 

The judge who sentenced Turner (Aaron Persky) to this bizarrely light sentence has stopped presiding over criminal cases, including rape. There are people who had a tiny amount of weed on them who are serving 20 year sentences, but a violent criminal gets off this lightly? Absolutely not. 

Turner was literally discovered in the act of sexually assaulting a passed out drunk victim. He should have gotten 14 years in California. He was sentenced to six months and only served three. Now we wants off the sex offender registry. But he has shown no remorse, and 60 pages of his lawyer's appeal focuses on how drunk his victim was. He is a clear and present threat to people around him and he must stay on the sex offender registry. 

Sign to plead with the court in California not to overturn his conviction.
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