Rebrand the Warrior Mascot

    Currently at Oconee County High School, a Native American warrior is the mascot for a predominantly white school. In the past, students have dressed up as a "Warrior Princess" during football games or have dressed up as a "warrior" for pep rallies. There are less than one percent of true Native Americans who attend this school and continuing to use their culture as a mascot is offensive to the Native culture especially considering the history of Native Americans. Rebranding the mascot, while keeping the word "Warrior" would be the best compromise and the most morally just thing to do. In keeping the same spirit of a courageous "warrior," I propose new symbols in place of the tomahawk to represent our student athletes. A sheild would signify our defense and a sword would symbolize our offense. In combination with this change, I also propose removing the Native American statues and murals in our schools. While some may argue that these are meant to honor the native culture, despite the intention, many members of the student body find these to be offensive and racist. By making these few changes our school would start respecting the Native culture and more students would take pride in being an Oconee County High School Warrior.

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