End Trophy Hunting Where Cecil the Lion Was Brutally Murdered

  • af: Kelsey B.
  • mottagare: Zimbabwe Government
In July of 2015, American dentist Walter Palmer paid $50,000 to murder a beloved lion by the name of Cecil. It turns out that not only did this arogant man pay to lull a human habituated wild animal to his death, but he allowed him to suffer for over 12 hours with a chest wound. This is just the most public and horrifying example of the tragedy that is trophy hunting of endangered animals. 

Sign the petition to urge the Zimbabwean government to end trophy hunting in and around Hwange National Park.

A new book is about to come out by a researcher who had been studying Cecil for over 8 years when he was murdered by Palmer. In a preview of the book, found here, you can read about some of the ways that Walter acted badly and the Zimbabwe government looked the other way. You can also read about his tortured last hours. The details around the case were reported many different ways and this book should set the record straight. 

But one fact has never changed and that's that Walter Palmer lured 12-year-old Cecil to his death in a conservatory next to Hwange park where lions are studied. Then the hunters tried to hide what they'd done by removing the collar scientists used to study Cecil. The whole thing was criminal and disgusting and we must be better than this. 

Sign on the tell the Zimbabwe government that it's unacceptable that this happened and went completely unpunished and now we demand no trophy hunting in the area.
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