Help Children in Maryland Have Enough to Eat on the Weekends

While thousands of Maryland children have come to rely on free and reduced meals during the school week, there are many students whose families don't have reliable housing and do not have access to food over the weekend.

Making matters worse, there are very few facilities where kids can get the food they need to sustain themselves over the weekend. Come Monday, students show up to class tired, cranky, and unable to focus because they're hungry.

As a proud Maryland resident, I think that's wrong. No child's education should be hindered by a lack of access to food.

That's why two Maryland Food Bank volunteers did something about it.

Wilson and his wife Pamela decided to stand up for Maryland's hungriest kids and created the Weekend Survival Kit Program. Each kit contains shelf-stable foods—such as bread, peanut butter and cereal—that don't need to be prepared or stored in a refrigerator. What's more, the backpacks are filled with enough food to feed the children and their family members.

This year, the Maryland Food Bank is determined to reach even more children than last year.

Ensuring that every child in our state has access to three meals a day—including over the weekend—isn't just the right thing to do, it's an investment in Maryland's future!

That's why I pledge to stand up for children struggling with hunger by standing with the Maryland Food Bank and the many ways they are fighting hunger, including their Weekend Survival Kit program!
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