Virginia's life sciences and biopharmaceutical companies are driving the Commonwealth's innovation economy and have been critical during the COVID-19 pandemic in developing diagnostics, treatments and medications that help promote statewide public health. Help us protect patient access to the latest therapies developed by Virginia's life sciences industry from potential regulations could curtail medical innovation and prevent patients from getting the treatments they need to survive.

Tell your legislators TODAY that the innovation and development of new medications and cures in Virginia's life sciences industry is helping save lives across the Commonwealth. Share that any regulations aimed to lower prescription drug prices need to directly address what patients pay at the counter to ensure they can continue accessing life-saving treatments. 

Dear [Legislator Name],

Virginia's life sciences and biopharmaceutical companies are driving constant development of groundbreaking treatments and cures that help improve the lives of thousands of patients across the Commonwealth and were instrumental in developing treatments and tests for the fight against COVID-19. 

As your constituent, I urge you to support health care solutions that do not that harm the developments of new treatments and cures and prevent patients from accessing the medicines they need.

Thank you,
[Constituent Name]

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