Lend Your Support for 5G Ultra Wideband in San Diego

Elected officials in San Diego have taken the first critical steps to shape the future of ultra-fast 5G wireless service for our community. But if we want the full effect of 5G innovation here in San Diego, we need to continue to show our support for 5G.

What would 5G look like for San Diego? Lightning-fast mobile connectivity — eventually over 20 times faster than typical 4G speeds. A critical need for our First Responders as we battle COVID-19. And staggering network capacity — imagine sharing crystal clear medical imagery of a human heart during remote surgery. But 5G isn't just the next "G" in your phone — it's a societal game-changer on par with the advent of electric power a century ago.

And telecommunications networks and equipment, including 5G, that comply with FCC standards are safe for communities and consumers. Radiofrequency energy used to transmit information without wires has been safely used for over 100 years. Today, the technology is used for life's daily connections — from radios and televisions to smart watches/fitness trackers and wireless headphones, Bluetooth and WiFi routers, and even baby monitors.

Lend your support to fast-track the 5G rollout in San Diego and ensure that America's Finest City is also a national "Smart City" leader.
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