Tell Birmingham City Leaders: Fast Track 5G Wireless NOW

Right now, elected officials in Birmingham are making decisions that will shape the future of ultra-fast 5G wireless service for our community. If you want 5G here in Birmingham, your voice right now is critical.

What would 5G look like? Lightning-fast mobile connectivity — eventually up to 20 times faster than 4G. And staggering network capacity — even large crowds won't slow down your lightning fast wireless speeds. But 5G isn't just the next "G" in your phone — it's a societal game-changer on par with the advent of electric power a century ago.

And just like a century ago, 5G's greatest breakthroughs have yet to be imagined.

But to make 5G a reality, and make Birmingham a national "Smart City" leader, our elected leaders need to know there's widespread public support. All we need now is Mayor Woodfin and the City Council to act on policies that will facilitate the rollout, and make sure Birmingham doesn't get left behind as other cities lead the 5G revolution.

Tell Birmingham officials to fast-track the 5G rollout now and open up new ways for our community to live, learn, work and play.
Dear Mayor Woodfin and Council Members,

As a resident of the Birmingham metro area, I'm writing to urge you to fast track policies that will help open the door for 5G wireless broadband in Birmingham. The benefits to people who live and work in Birmingham, to local businesses and to the entire community are too great not to have our local government move as rapidly as possible to facilitate the deployment of 5G.

5G will play a major role in transforming our community in many ways and position us as a regional hub for technology investments. This new technology will enhance the ability of local businesses, emergency responders, public transportation, schools and the entire community to thrive.

As a community member, I look to elected officials like you to take advantage of opportunities to make our community better for generations to come. This is your chance to deliver for your constituents. Please do whatever you can to help accelerate the 5G rollout for Birmingham.


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