Support more crossings — wildlife needs your help!

Each year there are in between 725,000 and 1.5 million vehicle-wildlife collisions across the United States. These cause more than $8-billion in damages, highlighting the need for infrastructure that allows for safe movement of animals.  

The House of Representatives has already passed a transportation bill as part of the Moving Forward Act with funding for wildlife crossings and fencing. Now it's time for the Senate to act! 

You can help by encouraging Senate to increase its wildlife crossing funding to match the House, and pass America's Transportation Infrastructure Act to allow millions of Americans to get to work, helping make roads safer, and providing safer movement for wildlife. This could help grizzly bears, pronghorn, elk, mule deer and other species stay connected and get to where they need to feed and breed.

Help the America's Transportation Infrastructure Act to be passed as law! Sign the petition to your Senator today. The lives of wildlife AND people depend on it.

Dear Senator:

Please support wildlife crossing funding and America's Transportation Infrastructure Act (S.2302) with a pilot program to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions around the country to help our valued wildlife, and people, thrive, by keeping habitat connected.

In addition to increasing funding to $300-million to meet the need of crossings and fencing to keep people and wildlife safe, passing this transportation bill would help get millions of Americans back to work, improve our infrastructure, provide safer transportation for people, and protect wildlife migrations and movements throughout our country.

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