In the Richest Country in the World, Teachers Are Underpaid, and Schools Are Underfunded

It's August, and teachers are scrambling. Every year, in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year, teachers across the country take to the internet to beg family, friends, and community members for support buying the resources they need for their classroom. From crayons and markers to workbooks and cleaning supplies, desperate educator's wishlists are full. How is it that the United States is the wealthiest country on Earth, yet we can't afford to pay our teachers a fair wage or ensure their students have the supplies they need?

Sign the petition now to demand all states increase budgeting for classroom resources and salaries for teachers!

Despite being constantly lauded as heroes and some of the most important workers in the United States, teachers are severely underpaid. In fact, when accounting for rampant inflation, teacher salaries are actually on the decline. This is despite the fact that teaching is consistently ranked as one of the most stressful professions in the country. In the past few years alone, teachers have had to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, rampant gun violence at schools, and a barrage of legislation from closed-minded lawmakers intent on limiting discussions of race, gender, and an accurate view of history.

On top of all this, educators are consistently asked to fill in all of the financial gaps that come with underfunded public schools, forced to stock their own classrooms with even the most basic resources. Education is vital to our nation's children, and a healthy democracy and country; we must start acting like it and funding it accordingly.

According to a recent study, K-12 schools in the U.S. are underfunded by $150 billion annually. Republicans have been working as hard as possible to cut teacher pay and defund education overall, and right now, they're winning. We must stand up for education and demand that it is a financial priority in every single state.

Sign now to tell all 50 states that we support our teachers, and we demand higher wages and better resources in their classrooms!

If you are in the position to help a teacher in need, check out Clear the List -- a collection of teacher-submitted Amazon wish lists -- and consider buying something for an educator in need.
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