As you may already know, there is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. If that isn't appauling then i don't know what is.

Dogs are skinned alive openly in the streets, and restaurants serve dog meat on their menues.

I need everyone's support to end this cruel 'festival' as they call it. We need to end this as soon as possible for the sake of these innocent animals.

People who have a passion for animals know that this is wrong on all levels. How people can go about ripping apart dogs for their own selfish needs is shocking.

This brutal "festival" involves what some call savouring the "delights" of dog meat hotpot, lychees, and strong liquor -- which will increase the abduction of strays and pets and also increase the torturous & inhumane prisons of dog meat farms - places where man's best friends are raised for such purposes -- thousands of dogs will suffer, be butchered, beaten to death, skinned alive and eaten.

Time is ticking and the massive killing of dogs is expected to take place year after year so we must get our voices united and raised not just to save the lives but save the hope in humanity - to be part of a compassionate world where we all come together to stand up and speak out for all innocent life, not just the life of humanity.  If we turn away and ignore the cries/pleas of these babies, then we truly have turned away from being human"kind".

Update #1vor 8 Jahren
Thank you everyone for signing my petition! I'm so glad to see so many other people across the world who have seen what China is up to and think it is vile, and should have been banned a long time ago. Remember guys, there's plenty more petitions out there against the Yulin festival which i think you should also sign to bring more support to the issue.

“Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well with others.”
― César Chávez
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