Stop Petland from Selling Puppy Mill Puppies to Unsuspecting Customers

Petland is the biggest puppy-selling chain in the U.S., with over 90 locations. While they claim to get their dogs from reputable sources, the records say otherwise.

Puppy stores like Petland constantly take in and sell puppies for profit, typically selling these dogs for thousands of dollars. Many also offer leasing programs for their puppies with insanely high interest rates.

According to records gathered by Bailing Out Benji, Petland locations regularly get dogs from large-scale breeding facilities, many of which are out-of-state. They do not show customers where these dogs are bred because of the horrible conditions at these breeding locations. Not only are the breeding dogs suffering, but many customers have also reported receiving sick puppies from Petland.

Sign now to demand that all Petland locations stop selling puppies!

Dogs are family members, so they shouldn't be treated like products. An ethical breeder typically only focuses on one breed at a time and cares about where their puppies end up, which is why they will not sell to pet stores. If you can't meet the parents of a puppy or see where the puppies are bred, do not buy from that breeder.

Puppy mills still exist because the public is funding them, but many people do it unknowingly. It can be hard to say no to the adorable faces of pet store puppies, so many families buy them without doing their research. Pet store owners will tell customers what they want to hear, causing many people to purchase Petland puppies without knowing the cruelty they're supporting.

Spreading the word is an excellent way to deter new pet parents from supporting businesses like Petland. Please sign this petition if you agree that Petland needs to stop selling puppies.

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