A Half-Eaten Dog and a Skeleton Lingered in This Man's Camper Home Until Authorities Arrived

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: North Dakota authorities
Someone called authorities in North Dakota recently, claiming a man had locked a dog inside a camper, leaving it at risk for abuse.

When officials arrived, however, they didn't only find the one living dog inside the home. They also found two more - the skeleton of a dead dog, and the half-eaten remains of yet another pup. The floor of the camper was covered in feces. There were no humans on the premises.

This pet owner clearly shouldn't be allowed to own animals again in the future. Sign the petition to ask officials to intervene now.

The man who owned the dogs apparently lived elsewhere, and authorities had to call him out to visit the camper. Once there, he apparently admitted that he knew about the deceased animals and had left them there with the surviving dog anyway. He claimed that he had been trying to find a new home to take care of the animals because he knew he wasn't able to provide for them anymore.

Authorities have since removed the last, living dog and are in the process of rehabilitating him through medical care. They have charged the dogs' owner with three counts of animal cruelty.

This whole situation is extremely tragic. But as the man admitted himself, he's not the appropriate person to own animals. He shouldn't be allowed to adopt or live with pets again. Sign the petition.
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