STOP tree cutting during Squirrel baby season!!

Many baby squirrels are killed or orphaned during tree cutting season. Peak season varies on the species of squirrel and should be inspected accordingly. Arborist should not be allowed to cut trees where nests are present during peak baby season. Arborist should implement an inspection checklist to be sure no babies are present before a tree is cut down. If babies are present, the arborist should not be allowed to cut the tree until the babies/mother have moved on.

**Picture taken from the internet and not my own.  Credit to be given to  "Mother Earth News"**

Update #1vor ca. einem Monat
Thank you everyone for signing and sharing this petition!! It's amazing how quickly we have almost hit two thousand signatures. Let's try to get more before we take the next step. We have to protect these babies squirrels!!! Many places say they have checklists in place, but it obviously isn't enough because baby squirrels continue to be orphaned or killed by tree cutting during baby season. Let's stop tree cutting during baby season!! Thank you for your time, signatures and prayers.
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