A Man Brutally Dragged A Dog Behind His Car, And It Was All Caught on Tape

A video that recently went viral shows a man in Jodhpur, India literally tying a dog to his car and dragging the animal behind the vehicle as it speeds up. It's heartbreaking to watch – no dog deserves this kind of abuse, and there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior. This terrifying footage is a reminder that local authorities must step up and charge the perpetrator accordingly!

Sign now to demand the Jodhpur Police give this man a lifetime ban on animal ownership, ban him from ever having a driver's license again, and charge him with animal cruelty!

The shocking video shows the poor pup struggling to keep up with the speeding car, being flung back and forth on the street and barely staying upright. Luckily, the animal survived, suffering multiple fractures. But as of now, the man can continue to own as many animals as he wants in the future – and continue driving this vehicle that he used to torture, and nearly kill, this innocent dog.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case of animal abuse in the region. Several recent media reports have claimed that there has been a mass killing of dogs in Kerala in response to an uptick in dog bite incidents. Horrific visuals from these outlets show dogs being brutally slaughtered on the streets and tragically hung from lamp posts. It is more important than ever that local authorities take this violence against animals seriously, ensuring any perpetrator cannot get their hands on another animal again and sending a strong message that animal abuse and torture will not be tolerated.

This man could have killed the dog, and there is no reason he should ever be allowed to drive another car or own another animal. It is time the Jodhpur police step up to protect local dogs by charging this man with animal cruelty and instituting a lifetime ban on animal ownership and a lifetime suspension of his license. Sign the petition now if you agree!

Screenshot taken from a video on Dog Home Foundation's Twitter (@DHFJodhpur)
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