Dave and Busters: Racism and DV isn’t funny!

    I went to Dave and Busters in Woburn, MA on 6/24/22 to celebrate my sons 23rd birthday. In attendance was my 73 year old mother, 16 year old daughter, my son and his GF. We were about to order our food, and apparently a scorned female in my sons past was supposed to be our server. Clearly this girl was upset my son brought his new GF. So she lied to her manager. Told her manager she had a protective order against my son. In which she does not. Without doing any due diligence. Clearly the manager automatically assumed because my son is a man of color. That he must hit on women. Her demeanor was very rude, degrading, and downright discriminatory. She didn’t give it a second thought to call security. Security then asked us to leave, which I gladly did. I was not going to patronize ANY establishment that treats me or my family as such. As I was walking out the door, the same manager told me to get the “F out of her face.” I wasn’t in her face, I was trying to leave. She said that in front of my minor daughter. Unacceptable. This establishment is geared towards children! Is this woman serious? Aside from all of that, the fact that this employee lied about the restraining order. Makes me think that she thinks domestic violence is a joke. I am a domestic violence survivor. I find nothing funny about that. I also find nothing funny about this manager who is clearly racist. She took one look at my son, and sent security with GUNS over. I also would like to point out when you have a restraining order, it is supposed to be filed with Human Resources. Also, you are supposed to carry a restraining order on you at all times in case things like this happen. In which she did not. Because she does not have one. My son lives with me. I think I would know if the police came here to serve him papers. I have reached out to Dave and Buster’s numerous times, and I’ve been ignored. I am asking everybody to please sign this petition that Dave & Buster‘s comes clean. They need to acknowledge and take accountability. Their management team was reckless. Not only was it discriminatory, is was defamatory. The whole restaurant heard it! This mistake cannot and should not be overlooked. I am asking everyone to please sign this petition to let Dave and Busters know this type of behavior is NOT OK! Thank you!
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