They Shot An Orangutan 74 Times. Their Punishment? Say a Prayer.

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: Indonesian authorities
Hope is a 30 year old orangutan in Indonesia. Recently she and her baby were senselessly attacked by two people - Hope was shot 74 times with an air rifle and her baby didn't survive because they just left it there to die.

Now, even though the perpetrators have been found guilty, all they have to do is recite prayers. Sign on if you think this is not appropriate punishment for such violent animal abusers!

There was absolutely no reason for these two people to attack Hope. They seemingly did it for fun. And now they've killer her baby and made her blind, which means she can never be released back into the wild because she wouldn't surive. Orangutans are critically endangered, which means the death of her child and the maming of her are even  more tragic!

Not only did Hope lose her vision, but she will forever have 64 pellets implanted in her body because removing them could cause even more damage. That means hope is riddled with bullets and walking blindly, without her one year old child. How could these people take so much from such a sweet creature?

The animal abusers had to clean a local mosque, say sorry to the cops and then say prayers once a month. But honestly, we can't see how that will prevent them from harming more animals, or eventually humans. This kind of animal abuse is closely linked to excelating violence against animals and humans. This orangutan was probably not their first victim, just their biggest. 

Please sign on to ask for this case to actually go to court and for the perpetrators to be truly punished for their crime against Hope!
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