Stop Businesses from selling Products and Services involved the Evil Dog & Cat Meat Trade

As proud Africans we are petitioning against the EVIL dog cat meat trade and respectfully ask governments to Boycott it so as to SAVE our people dogs cats animals reputation, livelihoods tourism, foreign aid, health, wealth, industries, mining, agriculture, energy, telecommunications, before it effects more then our lives and all of our financial support systems businesses products goods Ghana Africa.

These horrors makes all Ghanaians Africans look like DEVIL SAVAGES
murdering dogs cats animals bringing hatred humiliation and CURSE to mother Ghana Africa and all its tribes.

Petition 1 Ban the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Ghana

Petition 2 Urging all Members of the African Union , Union of Chiefs, African Union Commission, African Union and House of Chiefs to BAN these BARBARIC Animal Cruelty Trades and Implement Enforceable Animal Protection laws within your tribes.

Petition 3 : Calling on the African National Tourist Boards associated Global Travel & Tourists

This is not our culture in these modern times.
The EVIL DOERS won't accept education yet they want wealth and use modern platforms and negotiations with civilised people to sell their blood soaked businesses not caring about risking diseases to people of Ghana and tourists.

IDIOTS like Clement Apaak already widely known as the fat fool of Ghana bringing bad media to Ghanaian people and our Africa.

He is so called educated yet he chooses to make violence towards dogs cats and animals calling himself President of dog meat association - he is CLOWN looking for attention.
He doesn't speak for all Ghanians just the CURSED Dog and Cat meat murderers.
He should be kicked out as MP and out of Ghana as he's bad and now cursing african people through his actions.

He bad mouths all governments and doesn't care about putting Ghanaians health at at risk by promoting dog meat and murders.

We make a stand against the people causing harm to our future, Africa, people and it's animals.

Petition unterzeichnen
Petition unterzeichnen
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