Save the animals and their environments not the money

animal are being endangered. 

In the wildlife animals are going extinct and rare to see because of human action.

Humans hurt the animals by taking their resources and them as in object In earth and tossing it around.

We as humans don't appreciate much of their excitence and don't think of them much because we don't know how they play a important role in Mother Nature.

We should study more about nature and life and how animals helps with everything that is going on.

Animals are going extinct and we don't want that to happen because the eco system will disappear and food chain will be decreasing and animals won't be seen that much which makes our environment also in danger.

We should stop what we're doing to the animal and raise are voice for them.

Instead of us spending much time on media that is not an entertaining thing we should use media platform warning people how animals in life helps us and we should accept it and appreciate after all they want to live for the better.

We should spend money on animals life instead of using it on useless things sometimes or to just brag about it.

We should spread love to the animal and help them and the environment because after all animals lives matter. 

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