Workers, Tenants, and Students Are Still Discriminated Against Based on Gender Identity

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: U.S Department of Labor, and U.S. Department of Housing
The Department of Education is set to take an important, long-overdue step to protect the rights of all students. Under a newly proposed rule, federal civil rights laws that ban discrimination would also apply to gender identity in school settings. That means discrimination against trans students would be illegal!

If implemented, this will be an excellent regulation change. But we shouldn't stop at standing up for trans kids' rights in schools. We must also prohibit discrimination in housing and workplaces! Sign the petition now!

The Education Department's potential rule change would be building off of the Title IX civil rights law. Students would feel the benefits of this change immediately. Children would be allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender, trans athletes would be able to compete in the sports team that matches their identity, and harassment and assault would be taken more seriously. This would be especially important for trans and non-binary students in fearmongering states like Texas, Utah, Florida, Idaho, and South Dakota, where their rights are actively under attack.

The potential rule change is now under review, and details have been sent to the White House for consideration. Next, the public will be given a chance to weigh in through comments. It's imperative that we show support for this new measure!

However, even if the Education Department does implement this rule, trans and queer individuals are still at risk in many other areas of life. That includes the fact that, in many U.S. states, you can still be discriminated against and fired for being gay or transgender. Even tenants aren't safe! In multiple states, it's not illegal for landlords to actually evict a person or their whole family just because they're LGBTQ+.

The LGBTQ+ population is one of the most vulnerable populations to harassment, violence, and suicide. As Amit Paley, the chief executive of the Trevor Project, states: "By ensuring that LGBTQ young people have access to a welcoming and affirming school environment, the Department of Education can improve student mental health and well-being and ultimately save lives."

Students of all genders must be respected and uplifted. Urge the Departments of Housing and Labor to protect the rights of trans and non-binary individuals! No one should ever be evicted or lose their job over being who they are. Sign the petition to speak out!
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