Books should have a rating system!

I began to notice that the books we read don't have an age rating. They should have age ratings, like movies and TV shows. How are we supposed to know if a book's suitable for your age or not? It just makes me worried that children might be able to read books that have adult or inappropriate content and not know what they mean. We're suggesting we establish a 'Literature content rating system' to protect people from stuff that is not meant for their age.

Libraries divide their books into age groups, like 'Children', 'Young Adults', or 'Grown-Ups', but that's just not specific enough. Sometimes they don't say how old you have to be to enter the sections that are not for kids. And a lot of times, if you're a child and you brought a Young Adult novel to school, you can get in trouble for that. This is why books need to have age ratings. It's to protect children from harmful content.

In conclusion, age ratings for books would make reading a lot safer for kids. Although some Non-Fiction books might be an exception. Please sign this petition to add an age rating system for books.

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