Justice For Zach! We Want A Fair Trial

    My son Zachary has been wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit. None of our evidence was ever shown to the Commonwealth Attorney. There was literally never enough cause to as much as get this charge but a certain officer twisted his power for his own personal satisfaction. While being in jail awaiting a bond hearing and after my son has been beaten, deprived food, had medical records falsified and almost died due to pure negligence. Guard's purposely putting him in harm's way as well other torturous activities he's had to endure. I am asking for anyone to please sign this petition to get my son and fair trial and a chance to clear his name and be able to not only further his college education but help other families to not have to go through such awful pain and misery as we have and still are. Please help us! Thank you very much
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    Petition unterzeichnen
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