Ban Slaughter and Fur Sales of the Guadalupe Fur Seals

  • von: Sue Lee
  • empfänger: Mexico President - Enrique Peña Nieto

Recently, about eighty Guadalupe fur seals have been found stranded on the California coast which is way beyond the usual 10 or 12 animals.  Forty-two of the seals were found dead. Thirty-eight we alive but only 11 of them survived long enough to be rehabilitated and released.  Most of the animals were emaciated.

The Guadalupe fur seal is a threatened species that breeds almost exclusively on the Mexican Island of Guadalupe, which is where they got their name. The seal is suffering due to a lack of food in the warm Pacific waters.  Their numbers have been dwindling to near extinction, predominantly due to commercial hunting for the sale of their furs.  We want to ensure that this species does not become extinct due to commercial hunting. 

Since the Guadalupe fur seal is an endangered species, we are urging the Mexican President to ban the slaughter of these beautiful animals and stop all fur sales.  You can help us in our efforts to protect this animal by signing and sharing this petition. 

Mexico President - Enrique Peña Nieto – We strongly urge you to place and enforce a strict ban on the slaughter of Guadalupe fur seals and immediately stop the fur sale industry.  This animal is very close to extinction and quickly dwindling in numbers.  Stop the slaughter and fur sales that endangers this animal.

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