Depressed Himeko has lived 24 YEARS ALONE, forced by bullhook to perform daily tricks

Himeko the elephant was brought to the Himeji Zoo in 1994. She has been imprisoned there since, totally alone: for 24 long, lonely years. During "business hours" at this noisy zoo and amusement park, Himeko faces away from visitors and copes with her stress by bobbing and swaying non stop. She also bangs her tail repeatedly against the steel door of her pen.

The rest of the time she is trapped in a tiny, dark concrete indoor cell—with no food or water readily available—for 18 hours a day.

Each day, Himeko is forced to "perform" for the crowds. Trainers enter her outdoor enclosure and intimidate her with painful, sharp bullhooks. They force Himeko to do tricks, like walk around in a circle and kneel down to have her head brushed with a broom.

Veteran elephant biologist Dr. Keith Lindsay visited Himeko at the zoo in 2017. After seeing her living conditions firsthand, he labelled it "substandard and unacceptable."

This is an undeserved punishment for an animal that is naturally highly intelligent and social. Elephants live up to 60-70 years, and are exceptionally social animals who have families and friends. They grieve their dead.

But Himeko still has a chance at a better life: experiencing soft soil on her feet, companionship and enrichment to occupy her very intelligent mind. The Elephants in Japan campaign is working with top elephant experts and organizations to help Himeko and other solitary elephants in Japan. BUT we need your help! Please sign and share this petition demanding change for Himeko.

The more voices we can add to this cause, the more power we have to approach our targets and demand change. In Japan, this is pushing for the government and other relevant authorities to develop legislation that sets higher standards of captive elephant housing and care, including prohibiting the keeping of highly social animals, like elephants, in social isolation.

Thank you for your help to save Himeko!

Update #2vor 3 Jahren
SAD NEWS FROM JAPAN: Himeko has died.

Only 2 weeks ago, we delivered our petition. But Himeko took a turn for the worst on Oct. 24 and died soon after. Her death is connected to a foot disease she got 2 years ago.

BUT Himeko's suffering cannot be in vain. So please now help us: DEMAND THE ZOO CLOSE DOWN HIMEKO’S EXHIBIT … AND NEVER GET A NEW ELEPHANT. SIGN & SHARE the Care2 petition here:

No more “Himekos” at Himeji City Zoo! SIGN & SHARE:
Update #1vor 3 Jahren
UPDATE: Petition Delivered!
We have sent our petition for Himeko the solitary elephant with 550,000+ signatures (that’s over half a million!) to the Himeji City Zoo in Japan and our other targets.
Himeko has recently lost weight and appears to be suffering from leg problems.
If the zoo does not respond to us soon, we'll ask you to pitch and and TAKE FURTHER ACTION for Himeko. STAY TUNED.
Himeko has been imprisoned totally alone for 26 long, lonely years. She needs our voices!
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