U.S. Bomb Used to Kill 40 Children in Yemen

On August 9th, a school bus was wiped off the face of the Earth by a bomb made by notorious U.S. weapon manufacturer, Lockheed Martin. It was an attack led by the Saudi coalition, that buys a large part of its arms from the U.S. as part of an arms deal.

The attack left 51 people dead, including 40 school children.

The photo of their bloodied backpacks has gone viral, and rightly so, also considering that this is not the first time that innocent bystanders have been made victims by U.S. weapons: 155 people were killed at a funeral hall and another 97 at a market in 2016. These "mistakes" prompted President Obama to ban the sale of precision-guided military technology to Saudi Arabia; a ban that was immediately lifted by Trump in 2017.

Lockheed Martin, these are your weapons, your deals, your responsibility. The lives of 40 children were in your hands, and you failed them. And their families. And the future of a country that is already on its knees.

Lockheed Martin, stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. Stop murdering children!

*photo by Jama Masjid*

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