Stand up for Secular Democracy: Please join me and let’s make the world a better place for all

Dear President Joe Biden,

Our Forefathers planted the seeds of secular democracy, liberty, equal opportunity, and equal justice in the heart and soul of America 245 years ago. We have paid a huge price to get here especially on January 6, 2021. Our principles have been compromised so many times during our adolescent era. I hope and pray that your presidency be a turning point for an era of maturity toward our ultimate destiny.

The secular democratic leaders of the world and especially you must be the champions of secular democracy, liberty, and human rights not just for Americans but also for all humanity. Our principles must never again be compromised by our personal and tribal interests. Otherwise, all of our principles will be empty words. Autocracies and hypocrisies around the world have been the cause of injustice and suffering everywhere. It is easy to give a great speech about promoting human rights. But often we hide behind our great words and promote our self–interests diplomatically, politically, and militarily. We must not covertly or overtly kill people in the name of democracy, religion, ideology, or self-interest. The heart of humanity cries for freedom from bondage of autocracy and hypocrisy. In order to free Americans and humanity from this bondage, we must be who we say we are.

Secular democracy, liberty, human rights, equal opportunity, and equal justice are fundamental aspirations of not just Americans but also Iranian people. Humanity is facing many challenges especially Iranian people! Please stand by aspirations of Iranian people. A secular democratic Iran will promote human rights, justice, and peace in Iran, in the Middle East, and around the world. If you want a free nuclear Iran and Middle East be an example of our secular democratic values. I hope this is something you have in you to do. If so, it will be a great gift to Iranian people and the world in need.

We undersigned stand by aspirations of Iranian people and respectfully urge secular democratic leaders of the world and especially you do the same.

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