SHOT FOR FUN. Prince Harry and the Royal Family, STOP participating in blood sports

This is wrong and needs to STOP

The Royal Family and their extended family seem to think it is right and appropriate to shoot animals and birds for sport, as a pastime and hobby.

Next week when most of us will be enjoying a game of Cluedo or charades, or volunteering at an NHS hospital, homeless shelter or other valuable cause, the Royal Family will be at it again. Beaters will beat the ground, the frightened birds will take to the air, and bang, they will be shot. Maimed birds will have their necks rung. Prince Harry will probably use the gun his brother, Prince William, gave him as a gift. The one he apparently used at a shoot a week or so ago when he was blasting frightened boars to death, with his mates.

In this day and age this is not right.

It is cruel and barbaric. We know that animals and birds are sentient beings, and this type of so called 'sport' is wrong, plain and simple.

Defenceless animals and birds being shot at, killed or injured and those that aren't retrieved and 'finished off' are left to die.

There are so many more urgent industries that need to be created to try to save the planet other than so called 'country businesses,' that simply breed birds and animals to be shot at by people in the name of 'sport' or something to as entertainment. Find something purposeful to do with your time and friends, we are no longer in the dark ages, but if focus isn't changed to more pressing and urgent issues, one day, who knows.

Sign now to tell the Royal Family to stop killing animals for "sport" and "pleasure".

Update #4vor 5 Jahren
Thank you for your support just another 4k signatures needed please share one last time. See extract from Parliamentary records: Excesses of the pheasant industry see large numbers of wild birds and mammals killed annually with snares, poison and bodycrushing traps in predator control programmes. Gamekeepers target foxes, stoats and weasels because of the unnaturally large number of semi-domesticated pheasants badgers to cats even protected birds of prey, owls and kestrels are caught and killed
Update #3vor 5 Jahren
Thank you for signing, we need a few more signatures to go to Prince Harry for his support. Millions of the pheasant and partridge chicks are bred in France then reared in the UK. Investigators captured footage breeding birds confined in wire-mesh cages, jumping up and down in a futile bid to escape. Their beaks mutilated to prevent them attacking each other in the crowded, unnatural conditions. Blood sports for fun MUST STOP! Please share the petition, lets reach 100,000 signatures. Thank you.
Update #2vor 5 Jahren
Thank you for your continued support with this petition. It is alleged Prince Harry didn't join the Boxing Day hunt this year, however, the pressure needs to be kept on as we would like Prince Harry to lay down his arms used against all living beings for good, and to help his family see sense and do the same. Please keep sharing and lets hope that 2018 will see a commitment for change for good from our so called 'Campaigning Prince.'
Update #1vor 5 Jahren
Thank you for signing this petition. As I write this Prince Harry and his family are out blasting pheasants who have taken to the air out of fear. Today we know that animals and birds, just as humans, are sentient beings. The Royal Family should set an example and not shoot for FUN. Please share this petition to get more signatures, so that I can take the next steps to do something about this ridiculous situation. Blood sports are immoral. Thank you for your time and attention.
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