Demand an End To Using Steal Traps, Now! Also Make It Legal To Have A Raccoon As A Pet !!

    Using steal traps is very cruel and inhumane. Not only does it hurt the animals they will chew there own limbs off just to escape. This could be your very own pet are fur babies caught in the trap. For example I had found a orphan baby Raccoon on my property back when the whole country was shut down due to a pandemic no one was to leave there home except for the essential and emergency reasons. I had cared for the animal using an eye dropper and forced feeding him until he was able to suck a bottle then all the way to he was able to eat solid food. So I named him Duke whenever I tried to release him back he played in the creek for about an hour until he was ready to come back inside. Duke had severe separation anxiety. Duke had never been caged are kept for going as he pleased. He didn't know how to survive on his own because I was the only mother he knew. Whenever the Georgia DNR showed up at my home and took him from me and give me a citation for having Duke without a permit instead of doing there job in protecting the wildlife and doing what was in the best interests for the animal they took him straight to the Lake Russell Wildlife management area and released him so that he could be hunted. What fun and game did someone really get out of hunting a tamed animal. Who was potty trained and only new humans who really didn't know he was a Raccoon. So let's don't allow this to happen again and name it "Dukes Law".
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