This Kitten Was Found Missing a Leg and Wrapped in Duct Tape

  • von: Care2 Team
  • empfänger: Chester County Authorities

In a heartbreaking incident in Pennsylvania, a defenseless 1-month-old kitten named Roo was found suffering, wrapped in duct tape and missing a leg, alongside other animals living in terrible conditions. This appalling situation has led to a person being charged with the abuse of Roo and neglect of dozens more animals. While legal actions are being taken, they are not sufficient on their own.

We demand that the person responsible be required to undergo comprehensive counseling to address the underlying issues leading to such cruel behavior.

Roo was discovered amidst a larger rescue operation involving a dog, a rabbit, a turtle, and thirty-six cats and kittens living in deplorable conditions. This heartbreaking situation has ignited a deep concern for the well-being of Roo and the other animals subjected to such neglect and abuse.

Roo's miraculous survival and ongoing recovery show a glimmer of hope amidst the horror. Let's ensure this individual receives the help needed to change, protecting future animals from suffering. Together, our voices can lead to positive change and healing for all involved.

Sign the petition to demand justice for Roo!

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