Demand Twitter ban the “Libs of Tiktok” account for inciting violence against teachers!

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz recently pointed a spotlight on the "Libs of TikTok" account, which anonymously wages a one-person witch hunt against LGBTQ+ teachers.

Right-wingers have accused Lorenz of "doxxing" the poster behind the account, but in reality, she has just exposed its appalling crusade.

The "Libs of Tiktok" accounts targets LGBTQ+ teachers and promotes their personal social media videos to a huge audience — her posts are often picked up by FOX News hosts — and gloatingly tries to get them fired.

Given the rapacious and frenzied state of the modern conservative, this inevitably incites harassment and death threats against these teachers — including against Tyler Wrynn, a former Oklahoma English teacher who committed the crime of making a video telling LGBTQ kids shunned by their parents that he was proud of them.

Call for Twitter to ban the Libs of TikTok account for targeted harassment and promoting malicious conspiracies!

The woman behind the account, Chaya Raichik, has used her account to promote COVID-19 denial, QAnon conspiracies about sex trafficking, 2020 election fraud conspiracies before finally pivoting to anti-LGBTQ "groomer" discourse, calling for any teacher who came out as gay to be fired immediately.

We only need to look at the attack on Comet Ping Pong pizzeria to know that Raichik is putting people's lives in danger and is obviously violating the Twitter terms of service.

It's time for her to go back into obscurity.

Demand the influential "Libs of Tiktok" Twitter account be banned for inciting violence against teachers!

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