Delta Airlines Bans Pit Bull Service and Support Dogs

  • von: Kelsey B.
  • empfänger: Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines

Beginning July 10, 2018, Delta Airlines will no longer allow pit bulls – or dogs they perceive to be pit bulls – to fly as service or support dogs on their flights.

This new ban only serves to spread "false and life-threatening stereotypes" about pit bulls, said Matt Bershadker, CEO of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). "Every dog is unique, even dogs within the same breed, and their behavior is influenced by many factors."

Sign the petition if you want Delta to stop this unfair ban.

Because of the unfairness of breed bans and laws (breed-specific legislation) that single out certain dogs based on how they happen to look, they are opposed by the ASPCA and most major animal welfare groups. Breed bans are also ineffective. They have not proven to increase public safety in places where they've been enacted.

Like many of these bans, Delta's was enacted as a knee-jerk response to a recent incident in which two flight attendants were bitten by a dog identified as a pit bull. Instead of taking action against that particular dog's owner, the airline decided to punish thousands of dogs and their responsible owners.

It's interesting that although a passenger was mauled last year by an emotional support dog identified as a lab/pointer mix, Delta has not banned either of those breeds.

I have a pit bull mix of my own and am well aware of the undeserved bad rap that dogs like this are subjected to. As more people become aware that we should be blaming the deed, not the breed, the trend worldwide has been to end bans against certain dogs. Apparently Delta Airlines did not get the memo.

"Delta Airlines should resist unwarranted breed prejudice and rescind its breed ban," said the CEO of ASPCA. If enough of us agree by signing this petition, Delta will have to acknowledge this.

Please sign and share this petition telling Delta Airlines to end its new policy banning pit bull service and support dogs on its flights.

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